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Detailed classification of wireless video door phone
2011-02-21 10:06:58

Wireless doorbell our Visual, non-visible can be divided into: Wireless doorbell, wireless video door phone, 2.4G wireless doorbell; non-wireless doorbell, and non-video intercom doorbell, 2.4G wireless non-wireless doorbell, and so on. Different places have different names. Currently available on the Visual, non-wireless doorbell work primarily on 2.4G ISM (2402-2483.5MHZ) public frequency bands in the world, is the civilian public frequency bands in the world.


2.4G wireless technology features:
Digital public 2.4G ISM band: 2402~2483.5MHz.
Data transfer rate up to 2Mbit/s in the sky, which greatly reduced space transfer time.
Transmission of image data transmission and voice data can be synchronized.
Transmit power 16-20dBm, receiver sensitivity-105dBm.
Communication range in open area up to 300 meters.
Hopping frequency synthesizer spectrum extension technology, and the wireless adapter and Bluetooth devices while sharing the 2.4G band.
Randomly generated communication channel and synchronous channels, 40Bits password immediately.
Meet CE/CCC/FCC/R&NTTE/Rosh certification standards

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