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Development of intelligent community the necessity
2012-06-22 10:58:43


The current housing construction, real estate business generally focus on the building of intelligent community, although many people think that home furnishing, intelligence is not suitable for the situation of our country, excessive pursuit of intelligent will increase the cost of the house, causing more people 's housing problems, in spite of intelligent residence and district in recent years in the world and in China's rapid development and the unpopular was the fact that does not dispute. Of course, the development of science and technology has greatly reduced the cost of smart home furnishing. In Chinese intelligent residential is no longer the speculation, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other central city has become a reality. There was no need for discussion of intelligent residence and district is suitable to Chinese national condition problem, but as a designer, we should strive for the society to offer what kind of intelligent residence and district more accord with Chinese national condition.

Intelligent residence and residential construction goal is to provide people:" convenient and efficient information communication, safe and comfortable living environment, efficient and convenient property management".

Despite the different regions, different grades of intelligent residential intelligent subsystem requirements will be some difference, but because it is a kind of commodity, is common, there is a market standard. The Ministry of construction in the" national residential area intelligent technology demonstration project" construction outline of Intelligent Park" popular"," advanced"," leading" made clear.

Intelligent community intelligent system function setting, the general should be based on the market localization of different ( mid-range or high-end? ) ,," security monitoring"," management", wireless doorbell," emergency"," home security warning"," three households"," communication"," cable TV"," monitoring"," community card"," computer property management" and other intelligent system, as well as the district" electronic big screen"," music"," electronic commerce"," information service"," VOD" etc.. The author thinks that the security and communication network is the first issue to be considered in intelligent residential district

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