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Digital surveillance and monitoring of the difference between analog
2011-10-06 08:54:02

With the economic level and the fast development of science and technology, people demand more and more security. In order to deal with a variety of economic crimes, protect the country and the people's lives and property safety, to ensure that all walks of life and the normal operation of key state departments, the use of high-tech means to prevent and combat crime in the area of ​​security has become the consensus.

The late eighties to the nineties, with a variety of new security concept of foreign introduction, area businesses and residents have established a separate closed-circuit television monitoring system or alarm network systems, especially in the key state sector banks financial system, network alarm network has been formed, to prevent and deter crime, maintain social stability has played a significant role.

However, traditional analog video surveillance and alarm network system by the time the limitations of technology development level, most of TV monitoring system can be monitored in the field, although able to networked alarm network alarm information for transmission over long distances, but there is transmission of alarm information simply can not transmit video images, can not be timely and accurate understanding of the status of the scene, police confirmed the incident difficulties, the system less efficient, potentially increases the workload of security personnel.

And distributed management in the banking and finance industry, the management of remote monitoring is a necessary means to the industry. Traditional analog monitor, the image generally use a special long-distance transmission cable or microwave transmission lines are vulnerable to the terrain and the limitations and high cost, the average user to accept, therefore, not easy application.

At present, the banking and financial system, the existing analog surveillance systems can not meet the needs of practical applications, mainly as follows:

★ in the banking system, the existing monitoring system is generally 3-5 years previously installed analog surveillance system, its life has been basically due, are looking to replace monitoring equipment.

★ existing analog surveillance system is not high enough resolution, so that when events or errors, such as looting, Counting errors, through the existing analog surveillance system is difficult to identify the offender or to determine the point of money movements.

★ existing analog surveillance system in dealing with unexpected serious incidents of lack of capacity to adapt. Experienced criminals to commit robbery when the damage to the local monitoring system (including recorders and video), making it very difficult to trace criminals.

★ existing analog surveillance system is difficult to achieve centralized monitoring, centralized control and centralized data backup, all independent of each other outlets, management is very difficult.

So how to network remote video monitoring and alarm system combining organic, so that both the remote monitoring and image transmission, and have usually the alarms to the network, and the cost is reasonable, to more effective prevention, combating crime, the security technology to a new level, has become the anti-technology development work in one direction. With the proliferation of computers, applications, network communication technology and image compression technology, the rapid development in the field of monitoring, digital and networking is a trend, using the latest computer, communications, image processing, through telephone lines or other transmission of digital network line images for networked alarm and remote video surveillance possible to provide efficient and inexpensive solution.

Currently, the public telephone network has become popular in the country, digital remote control / alarm network video transmission system and the general phone line connected, you can get simple and practical remote control / video alarm system. As for the existing network infrastructure of the banking and financial system, has built its network system, give full play to the advantages of computer networks can be efficient and reliable video networking built in alarm system for the bank's security, efficient management tools to provide new high-tech .

Digital surveillance and monitoring

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