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Digital video intercom advantage
2011-12-10 09:31:16


Digital video intercom: completely using TCP/IP technology, all of the indoor parts, the door machine, the fence machine, management machine terminals are using TCP/IP technology, combined with the newest digital audio and video compression technology, DSP technology, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technology. The main advantage of the performance in the following aspects:

1, relative to the bus system simulation of transmission visualization cluster system, digital video entry system in wiring and installation test was so much more convenient. As digital video entry system using TCP/IP mode voice, data and video image signal, therefore, a piece of string can solve all problems, greatly simplifying the wiring project, make the communication system of the installation and debugging are simple, also greatly shorten the construction period.


2, when all digital signal after, it will be easy to meet demand networking. Digital video entry system is like a small indoor machine of the computer, both high performance CPU, and DSP digital processing chip, strong ability to handle data make networking function become more powerful, as with other security subsystem integrated provided convenience.


3, IP networking has the very strong scalability, it not only can realize visible interphone, and still can realize the multimedia message, radio, security alarm, intelligent household, IP camera phones, VOD on-demand, video monitoring, and value-added business etc. Function. If access Internet nets, online can be any a terminal (visible interphone) configuration, monitoring, remote upgrade, long-distance meter reading etc. Function. Both can satisfy the traditional visible interphone application, and can provide security alarm, intelligent home control and other functions, become a "digital home," the core hub.

4, now village development scale more and more big, through the video amplifier etc solutions, can also will the transmission distance extended to a few kilometers, but of the realization of the cost is too high. And based on TCP/IP mode of visible interphone system have no distance limit, can achieve low cost transmitted over a long distance.


For the present, digital video door phone no matter in the market or technology, and in accelerating the development period, and more and more become digital home of an important role. Its own have three elements: video compression, speech processing, network transmission, make digital video entry and other family multimedia products merging. As the market for digital product demand more and more strong, so digital video door phone has become the general trend.


Digital video intercom advantage

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