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Digital video intercom technical advantages
2011-07-14 14:19:39

Digital technology into building intercom system, a breakthrough for the development of the system's transmission distance without any geographic restriction; transmission of audio and video, control signals results far superior to the traditional way of the bus, in addition to the construction, installation so also brought a lot of convenience. Digital video intercom technical advantages mainly in: 

Wiring is simple: the use of TCP / IP protocol to transfer data, you can use the existing residential broadband network, but without laying a single line, greatly simplifying the wiring project construction period and costs are greatly reduced. 

Convenient construction: materials mainly UTP networking cable, wire simple, the end product can be plug and play, the system wiring is in place can be directly plugged into the network port on the overall construction and maintenance easy. 

Long-distance transmission: The TCP / IP protocol does not limit the transmission distance transmission system expansion easy, can be complex for large-scale community or community networking. 

Multi-channel communication: the use of TCP / IP technology enables point to point signal transmission, the system can support multiple channels intercom call, there will be no busy phenomenon. 

System openness: Standardization of digital intercom system uses the transport protocol, provides a standardized open interfaces for integration with other systems provide a convenient. 

Strong anti-interference: the audio and video, control signals used in all digital transmission without loss, from line noise, over any distance, the signal is stable and reliable. 

Easy to upgrade expansion: the digital system has a highly scalable, modular software and hardware product design, so the individual needs of some users more easily meet the future expansion is also very easy to upgrade. 

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