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Digital video intercom technology features
2011-11-01 10:08:06

Digital video intercom system, also known as IP network video intercom system, full use of TCP / IP technology, all of the indoor unit, door machine, wall unit, management of machines and other devices using TCP / IP technology, the latest figures with the current audio and video compression technology, DSP, embedded fingerprints, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technologies.

Digital video intercom system is in the original bus-video intercom evolution on the basis of the digital product. Digital video intercom system uses the most current digital audio compression, DSP, embedded and network transmission technologies such as streaming media, combined with the characteristics of home intelligent gateway system, the use of cell Ethernet, audio, streaming video of network integrated alarm, access control, smart appliances and other control functions, providing SMS, value-added services such notice. Core module is based on TCP / IP protocol video intercom systems (including indoor machine, door machine, wall unit, management unit), to provide the core control and scheduling, audio and video processing and compression, network control and transmission and peripheral device control and other functions.

Digital video intercom system's main feature is outside the host, indoor extension, management, central control host digital audio and video signals are compressed and then transmitted and received through the network. Devices are used between the network cable connection, quick and easy installation and networking (within the district can be directly incorporated into the existing home network, without further wiring). Indoor extension also provides video signal input interface to an external video signal (such as cameras and other video equipment), 8 alarm input and output interface (input and output can be defined), can be accessed by IR \ microwave detectors, curtain-type detectors, door magnetic alarm detection equipment and alarm, lights and other alarm output device; devices also support Internet access, remote networking support remote control functions directly through IE in the way image and voice browsing, arm and disarm the alarm function.

Bus system with the traditional analog intercom than IP digital intercom outstanding feel has the following characteristics: transmission distance without geographical restrictions, extend to upgrade very easily; transmission of audio and video control signal is much better than the traditional way of bus ; can achieve home alarm, home control, remote monitoring, community service and other functional integration; easy installation, reducing the project cycle, reducing engineering costs.

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