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Discussion on digital TCP/IP building-speaking visual industry
2012-09-24 14:18:39


In the present era, digital technology has become a trend, it can be said to some extent led the time, so does this mean that any form of " digital " can serve as the pioneer of the times, and in their respective fields around, has been sought after " Star "?

The answer is no, because at least in the building intercom, as has climbed the top of the Pyramid TCP/IP industry digital building visual intercom, and did not get warm market response, technically called " Qu ", the market has come ", and " what is a former health product a mistake " transcendence " the trend of the times, or an accidental " lag ", we will take you through the "perverse mist ", to find hidden in the digital visual-speaking buildings under the " time line ".

" The runner " and " finish line " distance

Today the building intercom market, although TCP/IP digital building visual intercom from technology and function has been far beyond the traditional analogue intercom, but by the market about "time line " is only approximate turtle speed to move, so that the market is still favored the traditional intercom products, because the digital video intercom and age there is a big distance.

From the most primitive non-visual intercom to the subsequent bus video intercom, arrive again after the multifunctional LAN video intercom, until today's digital video intercom system, building intercom in environment with big strides " transition ", each upgrade is a traditional disenchantment, but in the end still tragically lost their market, whether it is technical progress wrong or era " eccentric "?

Science, technology can never abandon progress, also won't deliberately alienate new era. To win the game, TCP/IP digital building visual intercom can never stay dead, " time line " to the original speed moves forward, it can do only themselves to shorten with " time line " the distance between.

To shorten the distance and "time line ", does not seem to be a difficult task, digital video intercom can be in the right and self-confident to go back, slowly close to " time line ", but the issue also came -- Digital intercom products should withdraw their digital function, lower social status and traditional manufacturers to seize the market, or according to the " time line " state to continue to update technology, to produce in line with the requirements of the times of high level product?

This logic is not difficult reasoning : the receding digital intercom products will face enormous competitive pressure, and time and the new technology can make digital intercom products rapidly to " time line " beside, do a back down to earth for the high-end product. For example, in recent years the building intercom products from the original single function of security product transition to home furnishing decoration fashion, simple fashion, thin, large screen display, new material has become the trend of breakthrough using.

In addition to this, another close digital intercom products and "time line " distance way -- accelerated " time line " to digital intercom products mobile, i.e. updating times people for building intercom use idea, let people of all digital intercom products to produce true recognition.

Digital building visual intercom industry prediction

When it comes to predict, but who also can accurately grasp the 2012 China TCP/IP digital building visual intercom to, because this year too many " uncertain ", such as the economic situation, or financial policy, real estate policy etc..

From 2010 to 2012 has started the project, although residential sales situation is not optimistic, but the related intelligent community supporting the TCP/IP digital building visual intercom and intelligent home furnishing should not have a greater impact, because the two blocks in the estate of the capital of the relatively low proportion.

If the per capita household digital TCP/IP building visual intercom system is 800 yuan, door all area of one hundred square meters, a square on the intercom equipment for the price of 8 yuan, 2011 national residential sales of 860000000 square meters, this baseline visual intercom market a total of about 6880000000. The future of TCP/IP digital video intercom will be absolutely mainstream, which TCP/IP digital building visual intercom products will occupy 70% or larger ratio.

Products from the perspective of Chinese, now Lou Yu phone market is being experienced from analog to digital, from the bus to TCP/IP conversion process, in the new residential district of the Lou Yu visual intercom project, 70% above are based on the use of international standards of TCP/IP transmission protocol of digital Lou Yu video intercom. Overall,Return Home] [Print] [Go Back]   

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