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Domestic building intercom system advanced technology
2011-08-18 09:59:23

As the 1980s to enter the Chinese market, intercom systems, stepped on a non-networked intercom, networking, intercom, video intercom, video intercom network, to today's IP video intercom systems, and building smart home system. It really adhering to the progressive development of the process. Throughout these years, CPSE, you can see the bursting of its technically not a miracle overnight, only from the design, networking, installation and other details of the start. From analog to digital, from a single video on the mentioned smart home system; to change the whole part, unconsciously, practical, simple, beautiful, intelligent intercom both became part of today's new smart home products synonymous. It is this detail of the change bit by bit, making the market the new darling of the smart home systems are increasingly subject to users.

Although the smart home in recent years, hot-degree self-evident, but the domestic rate is not too high, a simple video intercom still occupy a relatively large market share.

Video intercom: "small" changes the majority of IP network connection

Video intercom system from the area in the 1980s introduced into China from abroad, and thus has been rapid development in the country. Overseas Chinese community because there is no way to style social security and centralized management of thinking, so foreign and Chinese Hong Kong and Taiwan video intercom system is designed primarily for single-family apartments or villas, the requirements of the system is not networked. The domestic application of both social and also for community-based centralized security management, video intercom system so the Chinese are generally required to be applied to social-type plot, many of them have a few thousand or even million households residential customers. Therefore, the traditional foreign-based intercom system is not suitable for single-family domestic use, thus, the application to meet the needs of China, both domestic and foreign firms focus on the development of Chinese-style Internet-based video intercom system.

Video intercom systems are based on traditional analog audio and video signals plus a low data rate control signal system. Such systems in the district specifically to the laying of a large number of networked video cable, audio cable and data lines, engineering, commissioning and maintenance of the larger workload. Since the analog audio and video system with anti-jamming ability, easy to decay and other defects, and in the same line at the same time transfer the way audio and video signals only, so there are more users in a large area, due to the laying of long distance bus, it will often significantly reduce the occurrence of signal quality, the channel is often occupied by blocked user communications will become increasingly prominent problem.

However, even with this kind of problem, analog video intercom technology and products market has entered a stable period in recent years, no significant changes in technology, the system runs more stable. Based on competition, manufacturers prices are also expected to maintain acceptable within the user. Until the past two years, in the digital and network impact of the wave, analog intercom technology has been a huge influence, the vast majority of manufacturers to keep some analog intercom intercom products under the premise of all the products to the digital, networked transformation.

With digital technology, network technology, audio and video compression technology and the rapid development of embedded technology, making the digitized audio and video processing and control signals simultaneously transmitted over the network, greatly simplifying the physical network, signal quality is not only a substantial increase ( almost no attenuation), allows the simultaneous transmission of multiple signals, and wiring, networking, signal transmission, system scalability, the system easy to maintain, interference, multi-channel communications capability and have an obvious advantage. It is for this reason, the audio and video, and digital signal processing and control via an IP network, a video intercom system, residential inevitable trend. AMB was seen as the IP network building visual intercom system, with the usual analog building intercom system, all functions, but also to achieve the circulation around the machine on the door and live video surveillance to achieve call transfer, that is, when No one was home when the tenants, visitors can call the family through the indoor unit transferred to a designated telephone or cell phone, the system can be achieved through network connections with other subsystems such as security access control system, monitoring system linkage, with alarm, IC card password lock function, community service functions and fault detection capabilities. In addition, some manufacturers have also developed a high anti-jamming, anti-lightning protection, energy-saving products, to maximize the protection systems operate safely and reliably, that is, when a power outage the system will automatically turn to power saving mode and can effectively resist the external electromagnetic interference and lightning surge.

Also noteworthy is the talk of the digital, networked boom, manufacturers are also very loneliness, they still think that analog systems can be high performance, stability, also continued to its performance and appearance products improvements. Indeed, they also occupy a considerable market share.

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