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Domestic building intercom technology status
2011-07-12 13:52:17

Looking at the current domestic building intercom market, there are still a lot of problems due to the traditional bus architecture, the characteristics of analog transmission, there are many technical limitations, mainly in:

1 wiring structure, bus intercom system to the total signal transmission network is divided into horizontal lines (main bus), and networking trunk (branch bus), the device from the management center, area port machine, stairs, in room extension to form self- top-down hierarchical bus structure, the total level from the trunk line to the network until the user's home line, all kinds of voice, video, control lines are laying require a separate dedicated cable, wire and a larger number of species, not only the construction trouble, project layout and higher cost.

2 busy problem: Due to the use of the bus network structure, only one public channel, at the same time allowing only way calls, although the plot is set in more than one management center machine to accept the user's call, alarm, etc., but the line congested and can not play its due role.

3 networking problem: in recent years with the emergence of some large communities, the expansion of the building intercom system, compatibility and so put forward higher requirements. As the bus structure using analog transmission characteristics can not be a good solution in the long-distance transmission Alto, video, and the problem of mutual interference between the signal and the system is busy and so on, when there is large area networking problems, interconnection systems run instability and even some features can not be achieved.

4 anti-jamming capability problem: the traditional bus architecture using analog transmission technology, analog signals easily attenuation and distortion, while long-distance transmission needs plus the video amplifier will not only increase the cost of interconnection, the entire system of anti-interference ability is poor, often not signal or image, sound interference is not clear and so on.

5 system stability problems: most of the products is limited to calls, unlock and other functions, capacity utilization is low, although some anti-theft alarm intercom products integrated copy and the other three tables, information dissemination and other functions, but because of system architecture reuse problem, once the system's power transmission network problems or other system (such as alarm systems) will also face paralyzed, the entire system compromised the security of stability.

6. System compatibility: Due to the lack of industry standards, the manufacturers of cabling and interface standards are not uniform product, the product can not be connected between, leading to difficulties in building intercom systems integration, intercom systems and other system interoperability difficult, can not be shared area cabling, installation of large projects not only in products, construction, after-sales service can not achieve the social, industrial, this is not conducive to the building intercom industry, industrial development.

Traditional intercom system bus architecture of the analog transmission because of its technical characteristics of the decision of its products with congenital deficiencies, these deficiencies not only affect the overall system stability and reliability, but also hampered the entire industry, video intercom further development.

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