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Doorbell upgrading era, from wired to wireless development
2012-05-26 09:09:38


Wireless doorbell from scratch, time of more than 10 years, through a wireless video doorbell visual doorbell, wireless and wireless doorbell intercom to color wireless doorbell, non networked to the network, without security to take security distance, almost intelligent residential construction in the most practical system. However, with the small scale builds bigger more, from hundreds to thousands of households, or even tens of thousands of households, households increase and geographical expansion, but also on the building intercom system network technology puts forward the quality requirements, the traditional based on 485 technology system in a large area in the application of the stability and reliability are facing a severe test!

Needs based on the reliable network technology building intercom upgrade products, the State Ministry of construction and the National Standardization Management Bureau introduced the first American advanced control network technology based on LonWorks. In addition, the pure building intercom system has been unable to meet the modern owners of family intelligent system, although many developers in the areas of construction increased home alarm, multimedia box, home appliance control system. However, due to the use of the separation system, not only the cost is higher, the construction is complex, and are not convenient, use and maintenance.

Therefore, hung trillion electron first proposed the intelligent building system integration to the integrated system from the idea, and strive to build a set of intelligent home security and intelligent integrated system, is a true family intelligent control system, super family intelligent terminal powerful, even in areas only use intercom and security f

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