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Double demand for digital intercom industry
2011-09-05 09:43:47

The reason for the digital radio industry, with the dual needs of the market have a great relationship. In recent years, with the real estate industry, market, high-end real estate is gradually increasing, many cities thousands of units of real estate everywhere. Considering the area of ​​security, high-grade and other factors, many new real estate are considered using digital intercom, which greatly enhanced the district's security and technology content, and therefore the sale price up a notch.

In addition, network communication, multimedia technology, the rapid development of microelectronic technology on the basis of people's needs are constantly improving, in people's eyes, the intercom system should not only have the basic intercom lock function, but also need to integrate text messaging, bulletins, pictures / messages, electronic album, security alarm, access control, smart home, community shopping, home ... and other features and information value-added services, only the strong expansion of digital intercom in order to meet these needs.

Driven by market demand, digital video intercom system, real estate has quietly emerged in the country, all companies are keen to sniff out its business, and have launched an intelligent terminal as the representative of the family intelligent terminals (digital visual radio) . From this point of view, digital video building intercom will be the development of the industry trend, the users are included in the family come in a variety of smart systems, and ultimately become a popular consumer products, so the formation of industry is inevitable.

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