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Eight factors to affect the wireless visual building systems
2012-05-18 10:16:35

The heart of the wireless intercom systems have a CPU, like a computer, the CPU is also intercom system, the normal operation of critical components, the CPU frequency of oscillation may affect the wireless building intercom system, so the use of wireless building intercom system time to remember not to hit.

(2) the aging of electronic components of all electronic products ills, while the heat is the culprit of aging of catalytic electronic components. Appropriate temperature environment, the protection of the wireless building system is running.
Two. The device's power consumption: hot, is one of the culprits of the aging of electronic components, electrical energy is the heat source, the power consumption of the device itself, the lower the lower the failure rate, slower aging.
3. The walkie-talkie to introduce a line of contact: the building intercom system is a cable transmission system, through the unit vertical trunk and system networking, intercom through the introduction of the vertical line and the unit backbone networking, intercom, and the introduction of line connection in the following ways:
A: terminal screw lock copper wire, this method is the most reliable contact can be the best guarantee of 10 years, but more space
B: Terminal cables are generally 2.5MM, 2.54MM, 3.96MM. . . Spacing the greater the contact, the best use of the longer, but to use the tape package, the higher the rate of the line a few more pick the wrong over time tape degumming.
C: cable crystal head, easy to install, as long as the master the tools familiar with the success rate is still relatively high, but more afraid of damp power exceeding 1W prone to poor contact is relatively reliable and of relatively short.
4. The line resistance to flow is a common problem, one of the requirements of the line choke is generally not greater than 30 ohms. Baffles cause the signal loss, so that the unstable operation of the wireless building system, or transmission screen virginity.

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