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Energy saving--security market trend
2011-05-12 09:20:14


Security industry in recent years has started to spread energy saving wind, always in the product manufacture and use of energy-saving emission reduction, in recent years has many security leading enterprises to join the movement of energy-saving emission reduction. Such as Wan Jiaan, hikvision, through strong support for energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection, manufacturing has been in the process of establishing conception of energy saving and environmental protection, improving product quality, production never on the social significance of free and low quality products. Not only with the times, improved enterprise visibility, establish a good corporate image in front of consumers, but also bringing benefits to consumers, to create benefit for society. Short-term interests of discards, for long-term and deeper levels of the enterprise development!

According to market forecasts, in the near future, the performance requirements for energy-saving products will appear in a specific security product standards, product market in the future, will be energy-saving market! In front of the environmental problems of the world's attention, the rise of security industry trends, economic and social benefits have significant positive implications.
Although energy saving is the trend, but is not to be denied, now in on the issue of energy security also need to solve some problems. First, the upfront cost too much, compared with the original system, more than twice times higher cost, which is the most realistic considerations, which lead directly to market not too optimistic. Second technical problems is difficult to completely overcome, itself relatively short service life of engineering systems and later maintenance of the complex, especially in areas with ample power resources or electricity cheaper, it is difficult to interest in the market. The third is the stability problems. Through a number of test cases can be seen, this kind of poor for energy stability, affected by the environmental impact of large problem, and for the monitoring of the relationship between social security systems, stability is the first; there is difference in concept. Energy saving and environmental protection concept is still relatively weak, these technologies are not enough to understand, from the survey can be seen, even if some people in the industry, although an understanding, but on the specific technology is mature, to alternate case in the absence of both independent and stable operation there is no clear concept. 
Well, these problems will delay or even security and energy-saving process to a standstill? In fact, as technology advances and Government support for creating energy-saving enterprises, these issues are being gradually resolved, security and energy-saving process will continue.
First, as these system material cost of reduce, new power supply way of cost greatly decline has; second technology Shang constantly improved solution has stability Hing of problem, under different environment, developed different of products design programme, guarantee has system stability; again people concept occurs change, in national energy saving policy of promote Xia, Government on energy saving environmental work of attention, for security area energy saving environmental products and technology of promotion brings broad of development prospects.
Energy saving – leading the future security market
Panoramic view of the development of security industry in recent years, it is not difficult to find, security industry seem to be energy-saving concept has been elaborated. Especially with the "green city project", and using energy-saving products and traditional products in energy consumption and costs fall on very obvious, energy-efficient products in the market space and social value of the double meaning more prominent.
Energy-saving environmental protection is not a slogan, it needs to start with the security industry from its own products to realize energy-saving, to environmental protection. Monitoring system as one of the major industries of the security industry, while rapid development, subtle effects on the environment cannot be ignored.

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