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Enterprise intelligent management preferred wireless monitor
2011-05-10 09:13:01


Today IP remote monitoring is not limited to the security and protection needs, it had to the level of information management.
First, with the development of networks, IP video surveillance application whether it is installed search has a lot of convenience.
Second, the popularity of the Internet and the 3G network, are promoting the development of network monitoring. Apart from basic of security anti-theft function, IP network video monitoring system also can let SMEs of management personnel in prime time do most has efficiency of thing; to it installed in home, you can anytime, anywhere of see home of real-time situation, understanding children of learning situation, and care elderly, and see pet; to it installed in shops in, you on can keeps the of visits shops has, understanding staff work situation, and passenger flow analysis, and goods placed case,; to it installed in products exhibition room, you on can at any time let distance of customer see samples has; to it installed in hospital, and patients on can are distance doctor were of consultation sth sth No exaggeration to say that, flying IP network video monitoring systems can be installed in any one place, IP network video surveillance system will enter every household, entered the industry in various fields, so as to make a significant contribution to the harmonious development of society.

At present, in the field of video surveillance, digital, networked, has become a development trend of intelligent, IP network video monitoring systems have gradually entered the stage of large commercial applications. Familiar with the remote control of the people know, traditional monitoring complex wiring project people away. More important is, its networking capacity-less, and the network monitor in which demonstrated its unique advantages: where there's network will be able to build a network monitoring system. Due to eliminating the traditional route and line maintenance costs, greatly reduce the installation costs of network monitoring system. For users, and network monitoring is not limited by the time and place, in the case of authorized can monitor on demand at any time, realizing of PNP, used quite convenient.

Enterprise in procurement security products Shi, need note two aspects of problem, to video monitoring products line for cases, ① hardware aspects: need consider (1) lens (2) image sensor (3) video compression algorithm (also called video compression format) (4) image format (5) frame rate (6) double code flow (7) front-end storage (8) products line (9) software function, except above 9 section yiwai, infrared night depending on ability, and super low as of, and wide dynamic, and strong light suppression, function is IP network video monitoring system of some important parameter.

② software: can realize remote monitoring, construction and maintenance of simple audio, better support, better support, more flexible alarm linkage recording storage more HD, more extensive product selection, monitoring and management of video effects and more perfect.

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