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Face recognition and wireless intercom
2012-07-31 08:53:00


Face recognition technology has been widely used in various fields, because of its easy operation, high security by security industry attention, in the security industry in the application of face recognition technology is of course building intercom, intercom used in face recognition technology is not only convenient, but also to effectively filter the criminals, for placing the first wall.

Wireless intercom has become the standard for modern residential district, home furnishing life has brought great convenience, for the management of visitors records, also played an important role in the safety of home furnishing. After years of development, building intercom also through a variety of evolution, the present building intercom systems generally use the IC card form, owners can through the community is equipped with IC card in and out building, long-term use of IC owners, more or less to appear forgot the card, or loss of life, to bring a lot of inconvenience, but was not picked up., consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

Face recognition technology, very good solved this one malpractice. The area of the occupants of the facial features ( photo ) acquisition, after building unit, household and small door, directly using face recognition method, its advantages are as follows:

To improve community building safety, do not exist because the ID card loss due to security risk;

The technology of face recognition by independent research and development of intelligent FaceimageV4.0 face recognition algorithm, a more accurate, more secure, faster recognition speed.

" Carry out " convenient, i.e. without considering the band card problem, also not forget card without inconvenience;

Related to household such as increased building import and personnel ( family members ), only to the property entry face information can, convenient and quick, and does not increase the cost;

The face recognition system principle of work, so the property center through building center management platform to view at any time to just walked in the door staff photos and information, storage information.

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