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Features of wireless monitoring and control 2.4g technology
2011-08-20 14:22:34
Microwave wireless audio transmitter for 2.4G is HongZhao Innovation Electronic Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technology, high-fidelity wireless transmission of video and audio signals, distance transmission range up to 5-8 km, horizontal wall barrier case, up to 20-1000 meters (depending on the actual environment).

1. good of microwave anti-interference performance. the machine tone/video signal used frequency very high of microwave transmission way, its carrier frequency up to 2.4GHZ therefore can effective of avoid 900MHZ, band crowded of radiotelephone signal or various EDM and the household appliances of interference, while also great degree to avoid has this machine launch frequency on other received device of interference. to guarantee sound and image of clear received, machine Shang also set has 4 a channel can for select.

2. fine of tone/depending received quality. the machine for improve tone video received quality, used has performance superior of FM way. tone/video has broadband characteristics, and letter noise than very high. to DVD as signal source, video actual received effect and signal directly barge received TV of program effect compared, par. sent CD tone source, stereo effect significantly, sound quality very better. using monitoring camera transmission signal, also has very better resolution.

3. widely of application extended space. the machine not only for double room of AV signal of wireless transmission, meet more room listen to, program of need, and can greatly extended its application range. can implementation different room guardianship, Portal Visual monitoring. even can on for organs units and company, shop need more room wireless monitoring camera, implementation Vice room meeting accommodation synchronization transmission, supermarket of wireless monitored, train Shang of monitoring and the school electrochemical teaching and so on. also can additional necessary of number pass mode conversion device or TV card, implementation and computer of online, makes computer of image in large screen TV display; or with computer monitor play video program.

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