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Fingerprint recognition technology in the video intercom
2012-07-20 09:40:17

The fingerprint identification system Description: When the owners back to the cell door, just put their fingers on the visual host gently click, you can easily open the door to call the user, or call center action. At the same time, the host can issue the corresponding voice navigation prompts. For example: "Welcome to visit our district, AOC Building Technologies to provide you with"; "call waiting"; "owners to call you"; "The door is open, come in, and so on. 

Fingerprint video intercom system functions and features: 

Embedded fingerprint identification module (GJ-300), it is easy to integrate into a variety of systems. 

• Support finger 360 degree identification, easy to use with good performance, and to adapt to any type. 

• optical collector "enhanced membrane to enhance image quality, accepts dry, wet fingers. 

• CMOS automated exposure and intelligent compensation, enhanced image quality. 

• initialize the correction image distortion and ensure the consistency of the fingerprint identification. 

In the use of more high-end face recognition system, as long as the owners of the distance of about one meter before the door host a little stay, the system automatically than the owners of the store image. Owners, issued a "validation has passed, come in" tone, if not the owners, but the visitors, and is issued to the owners' room, the system you call owner "of the tone; If you encounter people with malicious intentions, and even encounter people who look around sneaking, the system issued a warning away from the cell, otherwise the consequences. 

Face recognition video intercom system functions and characteristics: 

• Face collection: the auxiliary multi-light source through a special camera to capture human face. 

• face than the human face human face with a database collected on: 

• entry and editing of user information. 

Store the user template, system settings, event and alarm information. 

• composition of the components: camera, auxiliary light source, the system board and the interface version. 

• Processor: TMS320 DM6446, clocked at 594MHz. 

• Memory: maximum support 16G. 

• Network Interface: 10/100M adaptive network interface. 

• Camera: Color CCD, black and white CCD. The color camera images, black and white camera. 

• Camera Resolution: 640 × 480. 

• Display: 8 inch TFT LCD. 

• Working voltage: DC12V. 

• Operating Current: 300mA. 

• Power: 6W. 

• Operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃. 

Everyone's voice has fixed the sound characteristics and frequency, commonly known as a voice print, voiceprint recognition technology, with higher technological content. Owners only need to prefix the host, said: "I am back, and open the door, the door automatically opened. "I call the 101 households in the host automatically dial 101 households, and automatically call ringing. 

Voice recognition, the visual function of the system: 

Can identify Chinese and English, and can also identify dialects, prior to use without training, maximum support 628 languages, both per unit of household can not be more than 628 people, every word in between 0.4 and 2.5 seconds, the identification rate of> 98%, stationary noise environment to maintain a higher recognition rate, according to the stored voiceprint to plug 2M ~ 64M flash memory.

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