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Five advantages of wireless video doorbell
2012-05-25 08:39:59


(1) the analog signal is converted into digital signal can be transmitted over long distances without influence, now residential development scale is larger and larger, as in the use of traditional analog signal transmission and video amplifier and other intermediate equipment solutions, the longest distance in the2-3km and the signal is very susceptible to interference and color components of a serious loss, signal reduction degree is very bad.

(2) multiparty multi channel simultaneous transmission of voice and video signals, the digital building visual doorbell system like Internet network can realize the multiple users simultaneously calls and multiple users simultaneously call, avoid the simulation system has a device for use in other equipment can only wait, although some manufacturers use an extra signal wires, remedy two equipment used at the same time, but the third devices can immediately use and increase the wire cost.

(3)2.4G wireless transmission technology, from the trouble of wiring, wireless video doorbell use different frequency bands, and eliminate the serial signal problem.

(4) the value-added application services and greater expansion of space, traditional system is unable to realize the electronic album, advertising services, property services and other value-added applications, and intelligent home furnishing products supporting access.

(5) can access Internet network, using the community integrated wiring can be through a proxy server to access Internet network, on the net can be on any terminal ( visual intercom ) configuration, remote monitoring, remote upgrade, remote meter reading and other traditional visual intercom is unable to realize the function of.

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