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For the different needs of the installation products
2012-08-15 09:27:26


With the progress of society, for the security industry's demand is more and more high, from the safety of the city development, the construction of intelligent transportation policy carry out, make the security industry has a greater space for expansion. After the 2011's high speed development, in the whole industry awareness and user experience of the product have been raised. In 2012, there is much more to the demand to join in, such as business park, financial market, factory and more fractionize demand in emerging.

In the video surveillance industry, visual doorbell, IP and high-definition broad market space, the difference is more reflected in the product function, the difference will be reflected in the anti-theft alarm areas of diversity, the product stability and alarm service access; control field, business, construction, industry, banking, treasury and other growing access control requirements, more functions and two times the development of competitive focus, speaking in the building field, the industry seems too early, but the smart home furnishing IP technology on the future of home appliance manufacturers, decorative effects, the operator has already become a new customer base, but also it is impossible.

There are six major industry solutions, including financial, transportation, safe city, operator, energy, education, justice, prison, power, water conservancy, each big enterprise booth, each illustrated introduction to the solution to increase access control products, especially in the digital prison 's unique strengths and safe campus two the area of fusion, access control systems products, to solve many practical management issues become the focus of display.

Security company are divided into two categories, one category is a big security vendors focus in the field of security transverse development, such as abroad, Honeywell, Tyco, Bosch, Samsung, domestic CSST. They rely on strong capital and technology accumulation, not only relates to the field of security monitoring, burglar alarm, access control and performance areas, industry expansion, the other is a security company in the longitudinal development, they must strive to secure areas more in-depth development, Hikvision, China, is the world's Albert etc.. They are mainly developed in different industries in different solutions, in the area of security monitoring flexes muscle. China security market's development, the development of small and medium-sized security company in a field more accurate, more reasonable, more conducive to business growth option.

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