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From Europe and the United States to domestic wireless doorbell visual development
2012-05-24 09:07:05


In Europe and the United States, residential density is sparse, out of safety considerations, the wireless doorbell into each and every family needs, so foreign wireless doorbell industry is very developed, in recent years the domestic wireless video doorbell market began to develop rapidly, with Dongguan Hong Zhao electronic R & D team company is on the rise.

From 1994to 1996May inflation rate reached 21.4%, the central government tightening of fiscal, monetary policy, which began in 1996three years for the endogeneity of deflation, be the first to bear the brunt of the Chinese real estate industry; for nearly three years, China's real estate industry intense darkness without light, the general downturn in the domestic building intercom system; in addition to the larger manufacturers, as the rapid development of Shenzhen" ( growth rate as high as 100%), other smaller manufacturers in the development of atrophic condition. Since 1996since May, the central government began to stimulate the economy, formulate the expansionary economic policies. To this year in June, successive already seven times lower Renminbi deposit and lending rates, on 1 January 1998cancel the loan limit, the April Supplemental Loan for fixed asset investment guidance plan, increased from 270000000000 yuan to370000000000 yuan, in May the adjustment of state-owned commercial banks loan-to-deposit ratio, recovery bond buy-back business. Increase the debt issuance, investment, expand the group purchasing power, execute domestic priority principle, reducing the burden on enterprises, increase the funds available, encouraging private and corporate investment, liquidation of investment of administrative sex barrier, increase a government to energy, transportation, telecommunications and other special investment. In 1999June, Seventh Central lower the bank deposit and loan interest rates, bank reserveReturn Home] [Print] [Go Back]   

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