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GPRS wireless monitoring system has features
2011-12-07 10:16:04

GPRS wireless monitoring system has features

1, high reliability:

GPRS DTU using connection-oriented TCP protocol communications, to avoid the packet loss phenomenon, ensure reliable data transmission. Center with multiple monitoring stations can simultaneously data transmission, not interfere with each other. GPRS network itself has perfect frequency division multiplexing mechanism, and have strong antijamming performance, completely avoid the traditional digital radio frequency band "crash" more machine phenomenon.

2, good real-time:

GPRS is real-time online features, data transmission delay small, and support more and transmission, therefore GPRS monitoring data center can rapidly between multiple monitoring stations, real-time two-way communication, meet the system for data acquisition and transmission requirement of real-time. At present GPRS data transfer rate in actual 30 Kbps or so, can fully meet the system data rate quartile (10 Kbps) demand.

3, monitoring range:

GPRS networks have been implemented nationwide coverage, and unlimited expansion, unlimited access site, can satisfy the mountain area, towns and trans-regional access requirements. The result of a weather information to collect numerous, distribution throughout the province, part of the meteorological information list is located in remote areas, and geographical location scattered. So the GPRS networks is the ideal choice.

4, system construction cost is low:

Due to the GPRS public network platform, no construction network, need to install the equipment is can, construction cost is low; Also cutting out the network maintenance costs.

5, system operation cost is low:

The GPRS public network communication, a nationwide are at a flat rate billing, save expensive roaming charges, GPRS networks can be according to the actual data communication flow billing, also can press any charge flat-rate flow is realized, and the low cost of communication system.

6, the system of transmission capacity, capacity performance is good:

Monitoring center to collect information and every achieve real-time connection. Because information to collect numerous, system requirements can meet the needs of the sudden data transmission, and GPRS technologies can well meet the needs of the sudden data transmission; Because the system using mature TCP/IP communication structure, good expansibility, a monitoring centre can easily support multiple meteorological list communication access.

7, GPRS transmission power consumption is small, suitable for outdoor power supply environment:

Although and travels far data center two-way communication, GPRS digital equipment in but only with nearby mobile base station communication can, its overall power consumption and a common GSM mobile phone quite, on average, only for 200 mw power around than the traditional digital radio much smaller. So GPRS transmission mode is very suitable for use in the wild solar power or battery-powered occasions to use.

GPRS wireless monitoring system has features

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