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Great visual doorbell market space
2012-06-20 10:59:48

Digital wireless building intercom, wireless doorbell, wireless doorbell, and its advantage of simple installation, commissioning, operation, lower installation costs, the drawback is the limited signal distance, so the application of wireless video intercom The field is still limited to single-family users and villas users. With the development of technology, wireless video using 3G technology, real-time signal problem can be the perfect solution. 

Only about 10% in the current market, the market share of the wireless video intercom, normally in the high-end real estate, from a practical perspective of the development, the future wireless video intercom toward a common real estate for more users comfortable smart home experience. To solve technical problems, the technology industry is not unified, and mixed many manufacturers of low-quality, low-quality products to the market, availability and maintenance cost greatly for large-scale expansion of the wireless building intercom buried potential problems in the selection of building intercom must choose a well-known brand. 

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