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HD monitor how far is the coming of age
2011-07-25 08:49:03
HD monitor coming of age, need to chain together. HD monitor the arrival of the need to chain all aspects of work together, work together to promote. From upstream of chip manufacturers, including Sensor, ISP, VAD, Codec, etc, to the monitoring equipment, network equipment providers, network operators, vendors, platforms, management software, intelligent analysis display devices, storage devices and manage vendors, and so on, supporting mature industry chain as a whole, to promote the rapid arrival of HD era.

Industrial environmental readiness. If from a HD monitor data flow analysis; front Sensor resolution is concerned, mainstreaming is 2 million pixel sensor. As image processing effects further enhance and price decreases, can basically meet HD requirements. Video capture and compression chip, NVR or DVR main chips, has also been able to handle multiple HD, although not as much as the standard definition single chip can process 16-channel (with series with solutions), but basically was able to meet the basic requirements of HD era.

Although the HD stream is large, but storage device also increases, 3T has been listed. Store link problems are unlikely.

Currently, HD era of interoperability between devices is still the issue of most concern in the industry. High definition era, two kinds of monitoring solutions IPCamera+NVR and HDCCTVCamera+HDDVR are in rapid development. IPCamera butt NVR,NVR access platforms, HDDVR access platforms to achieve interoperability have more questions, although at present there are ONVIF and PSIA standards, but the real standard is a long way to go.

Far away from the application of intelligent high definition requires also a far cry from the times, mainly in the video analysis on the accuracy of, at present still more false positives, false negatives. Audio smart technology is relatively slow. But intelligent and image clarity with a larger concern, trust in the high definition video sources on the basis of, intelligent video analysis will have better accuracy improvement.

Fortunately is, in every industry to monitor the project slowly changed to the competent authorities, by the Ministry of Security Department of the original into IT management or two departments jointly manage. It's very good description of a high definition monitor IT gradually, for the interconnection of the HD era lay the foundation of a good environment.

Ideal HD monitoring era is not unreachable, as long as all aspects of the joint efforts of the entire security industry chain, cooperate, in close collaboration. Leave HD monitor coming of age that we are getting closer.

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