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HIV cucumber incoming security industry should "turn a blind eye"
2011-06-04 08:25:59


Events: Germany HIV cucumber growing event, according to foreign media reports, at present in Europe have confirmed 10 people eating poisonous and infected cucumber "hemorrhagic Escherichia coli" deaths, about 1000 people ill. In addition, the storm has also spread to Spain, and Sweden, and Denmark and other countries, hundreds of people have suspected the illness.
A food safety problem is the people's minds "strings", faced with this situation, how can turn a blind eye to the security industryThere have been reported, a crisis of confidence in food safety or bring security market opportunities. Business opportunities, is to protect the interests of our more. Meat vegetable circulation not only RFID traceability, monitoring and control system in improving the food trust. Under the power of trust in the security industry, food safety will be improved.

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