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High definition monitor for intelligent analysis and more accurate
2011-07-21 08:24:22
Intelligent video analysis from functional applications can be divided into three levels:

Detection level: can detect moving targets from a video screen, track and achieve its objectives, such as separating out from the screen a small moving target, but cannot be categories (is a person or a car, and so on) to classify;

Classification level: the effective classification of targets can be detected, such as to distinguish the target is a person or a vehicle;

Recognition level: on target detection, classification can further confirm that "identity" information, such as what is a type of vehicle, or even recognize which one it is.

These three levels has its own technical requirements, such as the detection level requirements to track the target's direction, speed, degree of continuity, matched analysis; classification level requirements on the edge of the goal and deformation analysis; analysis of template matching and identification-level requirements. Whether this concerns focused on the three levels at the respective level how different, but they are a common requirement is the minimum image size that is the basis of the minimum target pixels, such as the minimum detection level destination pixel requirement is 5X5, classification level is 20X20, identifying level is 80X80. Usually, when the target at any level of effective pixels minimum size is greater than the level of the target pixel requirement, as target pixels increases, targeted information more effectively, and accuracy of the analysis of algorithms is correspondingly higher.

HD video is a clear advantage: compared to SD video, at the same focal length and field of view range conditions, its more effective pixels per unit area, which can provide more rich information for video analysis algorithms, so as to improve the accuracy algorithm.

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