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Home furnishing helper radio visual doorbell
2012-06-13 10:53:20


In home furnishing life, particularly in the very small and separate villa family, when a visitor comes to open the door, that 's very tired, but also exist a certain risk, if you select a wireless video doorbell, this problem can be solved smoothly.

Wireless video doorbell can let you sit in the room easily and tenant video conversation, when the tenant needs to come in, only in the indoor light press unlocking button, convenient and simple. And wireless video doorbell, also with night vision, monitoring, camera, recording storage function.

When you are not at home, the doorbell can take a visitor photographs. Can know who has come to.

Wireless video doorbell indoor machine is similar to a cordless phone, can be arbitrary in indoor mobile, watch TV or Internet time on the side, not only can influence their own entertainment, and not miss a visitor.

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