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Home security design concept
2012-09-28 11:57:01


Home security should have the dual meaning, refers to life safety, two of property theft. The traditional family security is mounted a passive infrared detector, which is installed in the interior, so the indoor unattended, the theft protection property of the function can be achieved.

Home security system basic principle

Home security system utilizing host, through wireless or wired connection of various types of detectors, achieve the anti-theft alarm function. Host connection fixed telephone lines, such as alarm, in accordance with the customer set mobile phone or telephone number dialing alarm.

Home security system is to prevent theft, robbery and fire accidents of important facilities. In case of emergencies, can by telephone promptly notify the owner, an easy and quick to take emergency measures, prevent accidents or disasters.

Home security system usually consists of: detector (also called alarm ), transmission channel and the alarm controller is composed of three parts. Alarm detector is composed of a sensor and a signal processing component, used to detect an intruder intrusion or smoke, by electronic and mechanical components of the device, anti-theft alarm system is the key, and the sensor is the core component of alarm detector. The principle of using different sensors, can form different types, different uses, different detection to reach the alarm detection device.

Common detector with infrared body sensors, and magnetic sensors, smoke detectors, gas leak detectors, waterproof submerged detector.

Home security system application

Home security system is widely used in the prevention of theft, looting homes and emergency relief, fireworks alarm, anti shear line alarm, gas leakage alarm, safe anti-theft alarm and even some enterprises and institutions can also be used, such as goods warehouse, factory anti-theft alarm, anti-theft alarm, the area financial sector anti-robbery anti-theft alarm, organs and units the secret archives, anti-theft, anti-theft alarm, goods warehouse store shopping commercial and residential network burglar alarm, car parking anti-theft alarm ... ...

Home security purchase concern

More and more families began to set foot in the security, pay attention to security. From the traditional fabric to the current system, security system in continuous progress and perfect, but due to mass effect on the current popular " anti-technology " know very little, and the current security market brand variety, all kinds of products, and the lack of uniform standards, often so that ordinary consumers not to start. Here we recommend Xiaobian for some shopping tips for your reference, I hope you can help.

In the process of consumption, prices tend to become one of the main factors of first consideration. In the field of security products, styles, prices are also different height, so when buying a product, you must have a clear understanding of their own needs, not necessarily " sophisticated ", according to the actual application, selection of suitable products, to avoid unnecessary waste of money.

For the general public, the general did not have a security professional skills. Therefore, the user to purchase products should pay attention to choose the simple operation, easy installation of the product, avoid users in the installation and debugging of trouble, please professional door-to-door, extra expenditure, increase investment in intangible cost.

The family security, achieve 24 hours of protection is the key. Home security in addition to thieves, gas leakage, burst and other common problems, it is necessary to take into account the night light caused by insufficient image blur, monitoring is not in place and other factors. The user at the time of purchase, the best choice with infrared functional products, so as to ensure whether it is dark or at night, slightly evil environment can have good performance. In addition, the user must pay attention to is, product function need not too complicated, according to the scope of application of the rational choice, utility.

In the family security, want to do real time monitoring more difficult, so buy security products should first with storage function, is convenient for the user to viewing later. Secondly, the product should have the function of speech, in the practical application to help the outside force, to a great extent, improve work efficiency. In addition, still need to pay attention to is, customers to buy products preferably has alarm function, can simultaneously realize the local alarm and remote alarm, better solve everyday unsafe factors caused harm.

At present, intelligent mobile equipment has become the field of security " leader ". The user is in choose and buy security products the best choice to support mobile device application products, not only to your daily monitoring brings enormous convenience, also let you in the family security market after a fashion trend, what is there against it! In addition, in order to ensure home furnishing environment elegant, in the wiring problem must be taken into account, when the user is selecting a product to choose a wireless device, so as to avoid damage toReturn Home] [Print] [Go Back]   

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