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HongZhao wireless monitoring to teach you how to guard against theft
2011-03-21 09:07:14

Home security involves residential environment and living conditions, all aspects of staff security awareness, General, home security must be "four-tier anti-theft" – home community security, home security unit and a household, household indoor intrusion.

To do a good home security must be combined civil defense and device control. Home security must consciously do in everyday life:
1, using the latest security equipment, such as wireless video monitoring, wireless video intercom doorbell.
2, actively cooperate with the community managers for security management at the same time take care of security installations in the community, and from the public security door to shut the door, not public security door keys take a friend and not casually open security doors for people you don't know.

3, home of all doors, Windows, vents, air conditioning to always check, Windows, damaged the door to be replaced in a timely manner, and from the turn off to lock the door, door lock is damaged or has lost the key to be replaced in a timely manner. Door frame door, among beautiful things, mainly to keep in mind if solid, the door is sealed, fixed lock locked parts of doors, door frames are strong, sturdy.

4, the Interior security must be not kept daily required for the purposes of cash at home, do not arbitrarily set at home safe, indoor door and out door must be locked, such as indoor anti-theft alarm system, people left to open in time to make it work, usually to check the alarm battery in a timely manner and work situation, against his will work at any time.

In short, home security awareness must to strengthen by the masses. When the use of security equipment, you must follow the instructions for use of anti-theft equipment strict "professional" installation, "professional". To strengthen the "lock" of consciousness, so access to peace, "locked".

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