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How to choose the right visual doorbell
2012-05-28 09:27:23


First, after sale service, visual doorbell production process, problems can hardly be avoided, and good after sale service, becomes very important, the use of inferior components manufacturers, will provide satisfactory after sale service, the manufacturers also often at low prices by the customers, so the user in wireless video products can not buy want to buy a cheap, integrity, strength of the company to purchase, the company's products will provide 7 days Baotui,1 years warranty service.

The second is stability, for wireless products, stability is vital, various isolation protection measures must be in place, circuit design must be accurate and reasonable, which is composed of not only the components of the design should be reasonable, the software design of the system is to improve, stability! The second is the use of components, be sure to use the new electronic components, to eliminate the use of second-hand, volatile components! Components quality is also very important! Intercom doorbell stability can say so:60% is from the building intercom system itself;30% from construction and environmental construction equipment selection;10% from buildings Talkback electronic components using!

The following is a summary of reproduced several intercom doorbell project's words:

1 if the gate number is more, network structure is more complex, and more distant distance, may consider the doorway machine image is not transmitted to the management center, the fence machine also use nonvisual. ( unless Party a certain requirement, that there is no way of. Otherwise, this condition is the use of video,

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