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How to ensure the safety of home furnishing by replication complex
2012-07-13 10:00:27


Nowadays," card" has become an indispensable part in life, all kinds of card full of our life. The most common to a number of access card, and out of District, parking lots, and even his own room, could not leave the access card, recently netizen hair post says, access control card is copied home stolen, this post quickly attracted much attention, access control card will really be copied?

Careful observation is not difficult to find, both in the network or in reality, on the " professional card copy" small advertisement is increasing, more and more attention. Release channel network forum, the cell door, car stalls. Reporter online through contact, consultation knowing, such as replication business generally charges20 yuan / card to 30yuan / card ranges, respondents revealed, as long as you have the original card, regardless of the access card or a parking card, you can in5 seconds, to replicate the success. If a copy of card number more than 5and the corresponding preferential. When asked about their general what means to copy, respondents told reporters, all of them through the network trading platform to buy the " access card" business.

Search on Google" access card" received a total of 173000results. Alibaba website includes many trading platform, various copy according to the function of many different prices, the lowest360 yuan / Taiwan, allegedly fifth generation access copy card reaches as high as 780yuan / taiwan. Details of goods, the copying machine has a card reading, reduction, write card three button operation, the same card can duplicate copies of different cards, thirty thousand cards or more repetitive writing. The operation is simple and clear, copying a card to need two seconds only, three minutes can learn all the operation, ensure market compatible with various induction card.

So how to guarantee the security of home furnishing which, at his own door adopts visual intercom system, effective monitoring the passing crowd, home of the cipher lock or a fingerprint lock, is guaranteed not to be cracked and replication. ,

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