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How to implement the home security product penetration
2011-03-31 08:48:39


The last two years, the home security market with the "green city", "the peaceful community" project depth also ushered in a fast startup time. Led by Telecom operators have launched such as "global eye" such security monitoring system for home use, to promote the home security market also play a strong supporting role. However, in the context of this seemingly prosperous market, the home security market was tepid. The reason, prices of products, technologies and look into consideration key elements of home security products. How to achieve penetration of home security products?

People-oriented to increase practicality home security products and technology

Home security should have a double meaning, refers to the safety of life, and refers to the property.

Passive infrared detector traditional home security is installed, which features are installed in the Interior, so when the indoor unattended, its role in anti-theft protection of property can be realized.New intelligent home security alarm system in induction port through the head, infrared, gas, smoke, glass break detectors to sense anomaly, when the inductor induction to unusual circumstances, it will automatically alarm and sent to the relevant departments and personnel of the police information on the phone in order to receive timely treatment, reducing casualties and property losses.

Currently, home monitoring is the business model of IP camera + alarm + platform access detection devices. In this mode, when the user leaves the defense network, triggered alarm when an exception occurs, alert information in the form of text messages sent to the user in a timely manner, at the same time start the alarm and linkage IP camera preset position rotate, snap pictures, start the video program. Users receive SMS via PC or mobile phone log and view live video in real time, confirmed taking measures, evacuation control users come back.

And for the establishment of home security systems, also need professional installation and service at this stage. At present, the home security entrusted works mainly with real estate developers security contractors to complete. Owners after purchase if the decoration, requires contractors to owners and constantly changing positions, wiring, retest, and involves the issue of who is to bear the cost, resulting in mutual contradictions between developers, contractors, owners. Family installed alarm detector, for example, if you install Active infrared detector, using embedded installation, can be installed along the lateral entrances and Windows, can also be installed close to the wall outside. This does not affect the interior decoration, also does not affect the outside appearance, also ensure the home security system to work, projects, developers, owners happy.

As more and more users of security products attention, since 2008, home security products sales volume is rising trend. While the current security products buyer awareness, prices are not transparent enough and produces a wide range of after sales issue, which requires the buyer before purchasing security products have basic awareness and select a trusted brand, and in some marketing qualifications of businessmen purchased.

Improve the ability of consumption to drive home security product penetration

Video surveillance is mainly used in industries and households currently closely linked communities, for home monitoring or less. In the "green city", "the peaceful community" under the policy guidance, with the continuous improvement in home network environment, users and consumer empowerment, security consciousness growth, increase in independent-living family, domestic family monitor began to rise.

Economic development has brought increased levels of income, has also brought changes in lifestyle. In the cities, people while you select the luxury apartments and villas, to increasing awareness about home security. In the security engineering design and construction of real estate and construction companies and existing "community security, security defense" mode on the basis of, gradually into the independent selection and purchase of the owners. Villa security, home security is also the same as family housing decoration, become owners choose to purchase a family expenditure and housing must be taken into account.

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