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How to maximize the role of visual doorbell
2012-06-16 10:44:49



Today, visual doorbell is no longer a simple intercom and unlocking tool, more intelligent technology join, visual doorbell has become the Ji'an as one of the intelligent home furnishing part, following by a few to introduce the visual doorbell intelligent function application.

1, save call recording

The system should detail record call information. The call record includes at least some of the following: small entrance called residents, the unit door called residents, called residents, community management center entrance call management center, the unit door call management center, residents call management center.

According to the call records, can be a variety of statistics call frequency, time, the reasonable arrangement of other security systems of human and prevention focus, such as patrol, surveillance, reduce unnecessary manpower expenditure.

According to the call records, can calculate the residents call management center frequency, time and tenants of the various requirements, the reasonable arrangement of community service content, improve resident satisfaction degree; property management executives, according to records to assess staff are required to work, promote the level of management and service level.

According to the call records, the management center can be tracked in real time the visitors, in the residential property owners for visitors review, realize home services.

In 2, save the door-opening records, including the state feedback

Building intercom with electric control anti-theft door is a pair of twin brothers, are speaking of buildings where there are electric control anti-theft door. Building intercom is by controlling the electric control anti-theft door to allow or prevent the visitors into the.

Save the door-opening records, can effectively distinguish various kinds of door, such as a password, IC card, remote control, remote control, indoor center, and thus distinguish between visitors and the owner. Combined with the call record, can avoid" the door" phenomenon.

Open the door, must ensure that the door can be quickly closed, avoid the outlaw trailing. Once the system found the door of long-term open, should immediately report to the police, property security personnel can timely treatment, to avoid the accident.

In 3, visitors review

Visitors review refers to the management center according to the visitor's call, the security personnel management center estimates the visitor to the occupants, time, after this time, security officers from the center tenants, for confirmation.

Visitors review, hand let owners feel the property management department is responsible for the property management sector, so as to produce a sense of trust, facilitating property management work; on the other hand, ensure the guest is in accordance with the provisions of the routes, if abnormal, the property management sector can be promptly dispatched security for visitors, ensure that the owners and visitors safety.

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