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Intelligent direction to the building intercom
2011-09-14 08:42:30

Building intercom in each unit is the installation of security doors and door entry intercom or video intercom equipment, guests can visit the door and housing master's voice / image transmission, the master indoor intercom extension through the button on the remote open The electronically controlled anti-theft door locks, intercom system is also equipped with a number of IC card access control equipment.

Current intelligence to become a major security industry trends, smart security through the machine to achieve smart judge, so people want to do as much as possible to achieve. By integrating multiple functions building intercom, control linkage, etc. on the road in the intelligent move forward one step forward.

Integrating multiple features to facilitate your life

People's living standards are not following the increase, demand will be improved, in addition to the basic intercom intercom system lock functions, the need to integrate text messaging, bulletins, pictures / messages, electronic album, security alarm, access control, smart home, community shopping information home ... and value added services and other functions. Digital radio will move toward the direction of intelligent terminals, the future home user will include a variety of smart systems are in, eventually becoming a popular consumer products.

Focus on the development of coordinated control system to prevent the formation of three-dimensional

Alarm system is a modern security system, an integral part. In the alarm to prevent the region, a "illegal invasion" of the situation, the output sound and light alarm signals in order to deter the illegal invasion of personnel.

Homes installed within the door sensor switch, infrared alarm detector, smoke detector exploration, gas alarms and other devices connected to the video intercom security system based on the indoor unit after the video intercom system is upgraded to a security technology network, it can be used with residential property management center or guard area wired or wireless communications, which play a security, disaster prevention, anti-gas leaks and other security protection for the lives and property owners to provide maximum protection.

The future of intelligent building will be more and more in front of people, building intercom as an important part of intelligent building, and the alarm system, monitoring system, patrol system to achieve control linkage, to form a multi-level, three-dimensional security system.

In short, building intercom products from simple call, unlock and other functions to the present with the simple information dissemination, burglar alarms, access control and other functions; from black and white video of the mentioned color video intercom, intelligent home control (lighting, appliances, kitchenware, etc.), from analog to digital direction; to save wiring costs shared widely used bus lines or TCP / IP mode transmission signal. In the future, will be toward building an integrated intercom system linkage linkage more intelligent direction.


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