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Intelligent home furnishing in the visual doorbell
2012-08-08 10:29:57


The development of intelligent home furnishing, must with visual doorbell system combines, visual doorbell system after years of development, in the technical maturity, but technology has its defects, such as intelligent home furnishing advocated by the energy-saving is slightly inferior, in the new economic era, continuously technical innovation is the product of the remain invincible basic, visual doorbell system also should seize the momentum of the intelligent home furnishing, further improve the product, so as to meet the demands of a new age.

The most outstanding problem is that each firm between systems are not compatible, each manufacturer uses his confidentiality agreement, cannot be compatible with each other, a different brand of visual doorbell can realize a butt joint, and the big engineering or maintenance will cause a lot of problems, the latest release of the LYNX system can simply run TCP/IP visual intercom doorbell system. If manufacturers can use this system can realize the mutual compatibility of visual doorbell. Better combination and intelligent home furnishing.

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