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Intelligent home security system introduced three systems
2011-09-26 08:25:42

Intelligent home security system, the three main systems:
1, the access control system
 Reliable security door is essential, it is home to the first line of protection. Intelligent home-based access control system to provide strong prevention also provides more convenient access. Authorized by the owner himself, his family, guests via a password, credit card, or fingerprint, voice authentication password and other identification to facilitate the access door.
2, alarm system
Home environment through the alarm system will notify the owner of accidents disaster. Such as: intrusion, fire and other accidents to happen, but the sensor will notify the owner in the first, receive timely treatment. Arranged by the host alarm system alarm installation in dealing with a variety of indoor and outdoor sensors, will detect the fastest signals to pass to the relevant personnel.
3, the monitoring system
Intelligent home control system is used for local and remote for specific regional situation, keep the video for future reference, plays a deterrent, monitoring, forensics and the role of network management systems. This is a smart home security system, remote monitoring capabilities. Intelligent home monitoring system also has real-time monitoring capabilities, through the distribution of bone in the room TV, monitor, touch screen, real-time monitoring of housing surrounding the entrance, each room, indoor channel, garages and other key areas of the real situation. The system also automatically monitors real-time monitoring or remote Cheng images recorded by the DVR functionality. If thieves break into, thieves can record images as evidence.

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