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Intercom building intercom system selection techniques
2012-05-29 09:42:07

Building intercom system as the last bulwark to protect the residential security, beenhailed as the "patron saint" of home life.To buy the building intercom system forresidential structures, residential distribution, and functional requirements to selectsome suitable for closed-end management of residential, to call, intercom andunlock functions, and with luminous instructions;for low-level to high-level residential structures; closed-end management of the district can use an indoor unit with asecurity alarm, according to their need to install a door magnet, infrared sensor,smoke alarm, gas leak alarm device. To facilitate the works for taking into accountdifferent user needs and economic conditions, extension of the visual system incolor and black and white machine compatible, users can use color machine, can also choose black and white machine, intercom indoor unit can be selected withoutvisual function; wiring, depending on the cell distribution, large system bus can be astar wiring and ring wiring. To solve the large system signal attenuation andamplification can be intelligent signal enhancement on the same cable and videoduplex transmission pairs. The closed cell can also set the management center.Management center can be stored alarm history, the Center can monitor and call thewhole district and Loudong door.
    So use the building intercom system must be selected according to thecharacteristics of their residential area, must not blind. Maximize the functionality ofthis system in order to achieve maximum performance and low cost.

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