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Introduce a new generation of wireless building intercom system
2011-10-10 10:49:14

With the social development, security, comfort and sophisticated living environment has become the basis for a modern residential district, and residential district building intercom system to create this foundation is an important component.
I developed a new generation of wireless building to building intercom systems access control, household communication, anti-theft alarm included in the same network as to prevent illegal intrusion by residential important line of defense, effectively protecting the personal and property safety of residents.
The system is stable, cheap, easy to install.
First, the system functions
System is the use of wireless video transmission technology, single-chip technology, wireless full duplex intercom technology, COMS camera and video imaging technology and design of a visitor identification information management intelligent electronic control system. Main features are:
(A) doorbell
Room number by pressing the corresponding host key (straight by systems) or by entering the room number of households (digital system) call households, while the host user can hear the sound ringing extension call residents to make sure the system is working .
(B) call
Call, to implement wireless full-duplex calls, voice clarity, no noise, no whistle, does not appear the phenomenon of vibration alarms.
(C) monitor
Between the host and by extension button switched on, the monitor can see the extension to the intake by the host camera image signal, easy to identify visitors.Abnormalities in the cell door, the residents can visually monitor the door of the extension.
(D) electronic control lock
Extension on a dedicated electronic control to open the lock button, and the extension when the host calls to confirm the identity of visitors, residents allowed visitors to enter the owner, you can unlock button on the extension wireless remote control door opening on a host connected to the electronic control lock.
(E) calls between extensions
The number of households in the room by pressing the corresponding key (straight press-type system) or by entering the room number (digital system) calls to other residents, wireless calls, facilitate communication and communication.

Install a new generation of wireless building intercom system Loumen usually always in lock state, avoiding the floor staff to enter the building without permission. The building's tenants can use the key or remote control to open the door freely. When a visitor, the intercom outside the building need to host the keyboard, press room number of households interviewed, interviewed residents of the intercom call extension, connected with the owner of the households interviewed for two-way call or video call Through dialogue or image to confirm the identity of visitors, allow visitors to enter the owner households, on the extension with the intercom button on the remote control to open the lock on the entrance of the electric lock, visit the guests will be able to enter the building.Visiting guests to enter, the doors of the parlor automatic locking.

wireless building intercom system

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