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Introduction to intelligent building intercom system
2011-09-15 09:42:56

Digital, digital number, In today's society is very popular, but what is digital, digital does? In the modern digital, at least one or two who did not become a digital or digital things?

Regardless of the number,or digital, they have a common characteristic, that is, simple operation, the intelligent all-around handling. Intelligent building intercom system that is a digital, intelligent building intercom system as a whole. Intelligent building intercom system, digital devices for our customers and friends to provide a friendly user interface, and achieve video intercom, remote unlocking, monitoring entrances and exits movement, security settings, emergency calls, receive text messages, the management center to obtain information or send text messages to the management center, home security and home control means.

Intelligent building intercom security system as residents of the ultimate barrier, can be called the family "waiting keeper." A wide range of intercom systems, according to commercial buildings, residential quarters of different functions, according to the residential structure, distribution, different functions, we have a lot of choices. The main function of functions, including building intercom, call, intercom, unlock functions, and optional security alarm, door sensor, infrared sensor, smoke alarm, gas leak alarm devices.

To take into account different user needs and economic conditions, visual system, color and black and white machine extension compatible, users can use color machine, can also choose black and white machine, can use non-visual functions of the intercom indoor unit; to facilitate the project wiring, depending on the cell distribution can be large system bus ring star wiring and cabling. To solve the large system signal attenuation, in the same video on a single cable can be used to enlarge two-phase double-entry transfer of intelligent signal booster. Closed area management center can also be set. Management Center can store alarm history, ready access to the alarm type, time and alarm households BAN number and room number, and call centers throughout the machine can monitor the door area and BAN.

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