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Large buildings Talkback technology development
2012-06-27 10:28:31


1general large-scale building system uses the bus system, an operator to all users to link together. This approach the biggest disadvantage is that, when a user problems, may be joint and several other users, but also in the repair process will cause the entire system to stop, can not run. The new system to solve this problem, using the attached from the technology between users with separation, will be more targeted to the management.

2 in more than 40large wireless visual intercom, as the signal is weak, leads to call quality and video quality decline, while the digital intercom system can completely avoid this problem, use the 2.4G or 3G network, can make the signal coverage to more area.

3with the development of intelligent building intercom, the functional requirements are also getting more and more, such as public security, fire and other community management and.

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