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Large screen time visual doorbell
2012-08-11 10:09:17


Mobile Internet era, large screen mobile phone to take the heat. To high-end capacitance screen for the foundation, differentiate the various screen material, more mainstream is the Samsung AMOLED and sharp ASV. In the HD touch screen mobile phone gradually popular, wireless intercom is also added to the big screen in the team, hung trillion electron is developing 7 inch visual doorbell is this kind of product.

Large screen wireless video doorbell conforming to the needs of users, can also adapt to users of the mobile phone, tablet computer equipment used. And big screen wireless video doorbell joined many popular Internet elements. In addition to the original video intercom, remote lock, door control, also may be installed Android system, has a flat computer functions, implementation stock, games, chat, surf the internet.

In the continuous development of technology, wireless video doorbell in home furnishing plays with the color is more and more important, not only in security, in the entertainment function also does not lose the mainstream flat-panel computer.

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