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Linux embedded in wireless video applications
2012-05-30 09:29:57


The Linux system is based on the Unix system developed by the operating system, which is characterized by open source, security, and stability. Linux in the server and embedded devices are widely used, such as the current popular Android system is developed based on the Linux. Embedded Linux is used in many areas, the following main wireless video doorbell system makes the simple elaboration.

Figure 2, wireless video doorbell system server diagram

The 3.1 wireless video doorbell server basic working principle

Wireless video doorbell is based on a high performance embedded processor and real-time codec chip, combined with the Linux operating system, from the server and client in two parts in the system. The main audio high quality of video codec and network forwarding, server specific functions as follows:

By CCD Sensor audio and video port in the input signal, after A/D video and audio A/D conversion, MPEG4 video coding and MPEG MP3 audio encoding. The encoded audio stream to a network multiplexer module package, after a 802.11x wireless network to the client. Specific functions are as follows:

1) based on the IDT RC32434high performance embedded processor system power-on bootstrap Boot Loader functions, with the system hardware initialization and detection, embedded operating system or user program loading start function.

2). In embedded operating system environment, with VW2010as the core of the A/V module initialization configuration and VW2010drive program loading.

3). To analog audio video A/D conversion, and the format of the MPEG-4compression coding.

4) . Will be compressed encoded data stream transmitted by wireless networkReturn Home] [Print] [Go Back]   

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