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Looking for a building intercom system should be paid attention to four points
2011-08-30 09:06:56
Superior service first-class enterprise, first-class services. Services to a large extent affected the final decisions for the user, and digital video intercom systems started to enter the market, if the service is not in place, the user may still use analog video intercom system. The services include pre-sales services, including after sales service, after sales need to train users, and regular technical visit, asked whether the product has problems, provide satisfactory service to the user will ultimately win the trust of users.

Manufacturers of power: many digital intercom system in the model house or running in the presentation Hall was good, but in practical engineering may not be able to check. TCP/IP based digital intercom there is often a sound, image, how to handle problems, sound to do echo, image to do a small delay time, it is not so simple things.

Products process design: as intercom system is already into our living, everyday we will use therefore process looks for styles of digital video intercom system must close to home style. Intercom system products must look to impress users, users good impression. General strength of the manufacturer, for products of the same series may have multiple color styles, design style, choice of material high middle, is more important is the design philosophy and humanized operation design, will make users feel very intimate.
Systems reliable: any product, reliability is fundamental. Community households now are mostly for thousands households, even thousands households, if system instability, frequent problems will seriously affect community life. Therefore, digital intercom system is reliable operation, stability is considered an important indicator. Therefore, not only to watch a product demo, also to investigate the case of maturity in the field.

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