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Major factors affecting popularity of digital video intercom doorbell and speed
2011-03-02 09:16:59
Development threshold factors:

Overview currently entire Visual on told industry, and most company does not has digital Visual on told system of development ability, and explicit and should be see, and currently technology barriers has formation, and but because market space of huge potential, and large IT, and communications, and appliances enterprise also have try water, and is based on above content, and side is full swing of market application and demand, and side is wants Centerless of industry manufacturers, and from six-sevenths years several gradually into this aspects development of programme commercial timely appears for industry brings has turn, and by years of exploration also gradually launched has perfect of solution programme, and but products and solution programme in scale application aspects also exists obvious insufficient, and to courage to taste first of customer caused does not small of psychological drop, and while many problem also to market caused has some negative of effect sth sth

Programme brought in the join, turnkeysolution, quick solution to the problems of traditional intercom factory from scratch, meet the needs of the industry, but also brings new problems, such as: the difference is not obvious and homogenization of serious, and many other new issues, the company's traditional core competitiveness here was greatly weakened sth Differences, last as a result of the same quality to low volume pricing, eventually seeking to bargaining, a vicious, it is based on this quick to "consumer electronics" near the mode, building intercom product "Cottage" laid may sth

Cost/price factors:

As digital technology flying harness development, popularization of large scale SoC chips, some problems were one by one in the original resolution, digitization and networking of wireless video intercom products have become an inevitable trend in Sth

If single from cost Shang told, and currently several mainstream of application programme cost post is not is large, and difference just is select of chip manufacturers different, and memory of size different, and clearly competition more from chip Zhijian of competition, and market Shang this class chip after all limited, and so cost also on is close, and but has no a jumped out currently schema of implementation may does, and clearly this risk is comparison large of, and dynamic is to years meter of development cycle is General of on told manufacturers does not willing to bear of pain! In this context have a strategic alliance with chip programme takes up the opportunity of sth

If to jumped out currently of DSP/SoC implementation schema, and used multiple technology combination, and comprehensive of planning and reduce digital buildings on told of cost, and this for a enterprise even industry are is mass of leap, and has independent intellectual property, and and has on technology of research and the digestive absorption ability, and this is a modern enterprise should has of core competitiveness, and master has technology on said to great of master this industry of initiative, and master initiative on means with master has market sth sth

Through co-ordination, imagine if simulation on digital intercom dropped to speak fairly level, the market would be a kind of view of OLE, huge market capacity and minimal advantage of manufacturers, what happens then? Standard of the "Cottage" market conditions are ripe sth

Technical risk and vulnerability:

Digitalization, in the end brings benefits to households and convenient, what kind of practical function? Face emerging from different manufactures has introduced new concepts and gimmicks, not only is the user is thinking of, and as a manufacturer we are constantly thinking of thinking, and we are more of these features of values, peer exchange of sth

In here had to mentioned this industry little people view note and mentioned License of problem, and "piracy" of problem, and as in China reform and opening up of constantly increased and in-depth, and copyright problem increasingly was all of attention, and this is a social consensus, and a international consensus, and and do for buildings on told industry of we also should be awareness to this is of importance, and from a began on should as possible of avoid these problem of exists, and but facts contrary, and multifaceted causes, and this aspects of content has been failed to caused members of attention sth sth

Based on digital on told development of complexity and high difficulty, and established in operating system above of application programme although for user, difference not, and but in-depth of wanted to about a hours clock, and a small calendar, and, inadvertently of small function on has may is need authorized of, and otherwise is infringement, and this also is trifle love, and involves mass of application Hou, and single operating system and graphics library this aspects of authorized costs are is is high of, and user can does not acting, and people together to you engineering commercial/developers will Shang made homes this can is not a fun of things sth sth

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