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Mobile phone in the home furnishing security system
2012-09-17 10:23:56


Home security system has been paid more and more attention, become a modern home furnishing an inalienable part, although the home security system than the industrial grade more portable and simple, but for common users still appears too complex, and the intelligent mobile phone fashion to home security system simplistic brought turning point, as long as the skilled operation only mobile phone, you can easily get home security system.

Undeniable home furnishing security system in modern home furnishing collection plays an important role, to ensure the family property security exploits significantly, it was this device, that make us away from home, would be more assured. Of course there, such as going out and work, the security system is likely to be the destruction of their own, can not be found in time, home security equipment is useless, house property still suffer losses, and is connected with the mobile phone security system can solve this problem, such as the system from being damaged when the mobile phone alerts, via the 3G function implementation of remote monitoring, can more effectively ensure the safety of home furnishing.

This way of working is to break the wire transmission alarm device for restraining position, also make our alarm monitoring terminal more agile.

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