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New 2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell
2011-05-17 09:13:24

PS:At present, China's residential development has entered a new period of development, housing demand in the number of living space from the pursuit of simple features to the pursuit of quantity, quality, type, demand for services, such as multiple transition. To raise the technological level of residential, residential construction, promoting the change of housing industry modernization and residential, it is necessary to make full use of modern building technology, new materials, environmental protection and energy saving technologies, in particular to the characteristic of computer network technology information technology. Intelligent building is the building of the future direction of development, especially with the advent of the 21st century, the modern trend of high-tech and information technology are by the intelligent building intelligent residential quarters and went into the family. Family members of modern society is pursuing diversification of family bring intelligent information and safe, comfortable and convenient living environment as a living target, however no wires of 2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell, convenient and beautiful, simple operation, is the first next-generation home security products.

As living of improve, members are in pursuit efficient, high quality of life conditions, Hung trillion electronic under market demand specifically research and development has a paragraph 2.4G wireless all digital Visual doorbell intercom, core performance national leading, used 2.4G high frequency, high speed of image voice transmission rate, free of full duplex on told mode, 2.4G wireless digital Visual doorbell intercom of appears makes people of life quality Shang has a new of stepped, Visual on told doorbell without wiring, both convenient and beautiful.

2.4G is a digital public band, is a wireless high frequency, is a data, automatic frequency hopping, and randomly generated communication channels and synchronization channel, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, 2.4G Villa in a series of wireless video intercom doorbell is a versatile wireless video intercom doorbell. Indoor and outdoor free exchange on talk, long video intercom distances 300-500 m, more than 80 sets of effective communication channels, strong anti-interference ability, like how to move it as you move, without any wiring, indoor unit may at any time monitor outdoor, indoor unit can open the door! 2.4G wireless Visual on told doorbell is set on told, unlock, infrared night depending on, Bell tone select, brightness, sound adjustment, unlock, time control, anti-split alarm, function Yu one, multiple way (power and power) and the easy of on code to code paired way, while support up to 4G of storage capacity, has photographed, video function, overcome has traditional wireless doorbell cannot call of defects, also avoid has cable doorbell need construction wiring of trouble, is traditional doorbell of upgrade products-home security of best select.
Wireless video intercom doorbell has the following features:
1) wireless: easy to install both good-looking, will not damage your interior decoration;
2) Visual: day and night, you can see visitors;
3) Lecture: Masters press "key up" after the two sides can be Talkback calls, so that you can within the desk, conference room, living room on the couch, even lying in bed with visitor call, your work and life easier;
4) unlock: electronic remote control lock, outdoor unit to which the original lock button fixed, can realize remote control to open the door, without you to visitors, a trip to tangdi around the door;
5) according to user needs with one machine, or you can try;
6) according to requirements of the customer, with a rain cover, battery and so on.
Applicable people: Villa users, users of buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, all visitors, open-close comparison of the ordinary customers can.
2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell transmitter power requirements are not high, 2.4G wireless doorbell handset standby time can easily reach a week to facilitate users to reduce costs, ensure continuity of communications.

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