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On GPRS mobile phone mobile monitor realize the basic conditions
2011-12-12 09:24:58


GRPS monitoring and traditional IP monitoring is different, its provides not only through the Internet access way, more creative provides 3 G video phone channel monitoring method. So, you use ordinary GPRS phones, do not need to install the software, just to make a video phone, camera from the real-time video immediately in the eyes on, so that the monitoring became very simple. The biggest advantage of GRPS monitoring the user is always online, once a warning, cameras to be automatic back to dial the phone number GRPS set, you just press a answer keys, any situation all stops eye ground. Use video phone audio channel, GRPS monitoring can realize the function of the monitor, more facilitate you understand the scene of the monitoring.

Mobile phone to achieve mobile video monitoring, need to have the following three of the most basic conditions:

1, have certain network bandwidth

Because public mobile communication network single terminal effective bandwidth is quite limited, often needs to carry voice, data transmission business, etc. The current GRPS network even to transport CIF image, a base station also can't more than three monitory point, and wireless broadband is characteristic of the transmission of the bandwidth of uncertainty, at present GRPS network speed words can reach 1 million, slow dozens of bytes, so only as auxiliary transmission method.

2, mobile phone of processor power enough is strong, can complete video decoding

The development of the mobile Internet, directly helped mobile phone industry towards the direction of intelligence, integration development. Mobile phone products also changing function more and more diverse. Along with the mobile phone market competition continuously to intelligence, GRPS concentration, the competition between manufacturers and more intense than ever before, and new technology also emerge in endlessly. Mobile phones and increased the capacity of the processor.

3, mobile phone manufacturers to provide development platform

Relative to the more mature areas GRPS business, domestic 3 G wireless video monitoring business function also is very small. Although in 3 G wireless video monitoring of mobile terminal is no longer just browsing tools, but can control and operation of the more platform. But as to the present situation, the processing power and system due to insufficient for follow-up maturity, video browsing is still the most function.

Japan and Hong Kong is introduced into the area early GPRS, they to GPRS network applications rich and colorful, most innovation, such as: hd video, traffic condition monitoring, real-time navigation, online shopping, online game, mobile phone, online video playback, wallet live on TV, etc. Through to the rich business functions, expand the mobile phone users choice space, also indirectly attracted the interest of the users for GRPS business, help to develop potential requirements.

At present, although GPRS, has been used in wireless video monitoring, but in the great amount of data transmission of streaming video, there are still some problems, one of the main problems or bandwidth, GRPS network data transmission speed far less than the 2 Mbps in advertising claim, the actual transmission speed of just 0.4 Mbps or so, and when the network may even this busy one-third of a speed can not reach. The situation only enough transmission of high quality audio, and it is difficult to transmission of high quality video. We are looking forward to mobile operators GPRS network the laying, technology innovation mobile video monitor the use of key threshold, the cost performance to improve gradually reduce reason, can make the GPRS monitoring the market will have larger turnaround.


On 3 G mobile phone mobile monitor realize the basic conditions

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