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On the GPRS and Intelligent Network
2011-11-26 09:33:15

GPRS is a data service bearer network. How in the GPRS network to provide a richer, updated business needs and the organic mobile intelligent network Together. ETSI's CAMEL Phase3 clearly defines the GPRS CAMEL and  GPRSbusiness principle trigger the CAP between the consumer and the gsmSCF Information flow, entirely through standard GPRS CAMEL specification to provideintelligence for the business. These intelligent services include the following elements:
1. GPRS card
GPRS MS users access to Internet is available for purchase on the card forspending, gsmSCF to provide authentication, access, real-time billing.
The PTM base via GPRS bearer service, under the control of the CAMEL, to achieve business group management and group communication within the real-timescheduling.
3. GPRS home monitoring
CAMEL and GPRS bearer service with the PTP, the user's home environment to achieve GPRS intelligent monitoring.
4. GPRS information services
CAMEL intelligent peripherals can be controlled group for GPRS users for personalE-mail voice mail, personal website, information on demand and so on.
5. GPRS class business location
Reported by the caller location information to provide a rich class of businesslocation, such as "call the nearest restaurant" business.
6. GPRS Internet banking
Through short message or GPRS data services to achieve a direct interface with the bank.

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