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Open a new era of building intercom Wireless building intercom system
2011-08-27 08:23:43
Characteristics of residential community is a user-focused, large capacity, the unified security management, and therefore community security system must meet the "safe, reliable, cost effective, centrally managed" requirements, although there are a variety of security systems currently on the market, but truly meet community features, not many products suitable for community use. Wireless building intercom system do for such a product, with less wired, high stability, reliable performance, convenient maintenance and so on.

, The current building intercom system for wired, the following issues:
1, the newly installed building intercom system be embedded to the households of the cable
2 buildings, household radio movement difficulties
3, due to wiring problems caused by the fault, very difficult to find and fix our company according to market demand, the latest developed wireless building intercom system.

Second, product description:
Set wireless doorbell, wireless video intercom and remote control to open the door in one, intended to be used in the vast number of home and Office users. By press on the visitors in front of the Unit visited the room number of the tenants, connected to household interior extension, with the call, tenants can remote control lock. When visitor comes to door, also by indoor remote control lock.

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