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Open the door of the intelligent home-wireless video intercom doorbell
2011-04-07 09:23:35
1, building intercom: simply put is a range of machines with no interior extension at the door, door machine can be divided into direct by type and code type. Interior extension is divided into the handle and hands-free, while unit door and interior extension and a black and white and color. Another is normal talk can call and unlock only and do not have the Visual function.
2, Villa doorbell: applies to single-family home or Villa, hosts General installed at home or at the door at the entrance gate of the Villa, and building intercom function is similar, and have two-way call, video intercom, remote unlocking, while Villa type doorbell can be extended to other capabilities, Villa doorbell relative to building intercom grade higher.

In a society where this material, along with the continuous evolution of the modern home life, healthy, intelligent home environment has become the focus of the pursuit! Busy work coupled with the fast pace of life, gives rise to a lot more pressure and fanyou! How to both work and life? How to intelligent home life easier? Believe that, with Hong Zhao bi-directional platform of intelligent network control system came into being, all problems will be solved.

This created by Hung Siu has "collective control of" unique advantage of intelligent network control system for bi-directional platform, fully in accordance with the needs of people and modern household needs, research and development, which also reflects HongZhao people-centred development and production strategy. It is understood that the system was first used in wireless video intercom doorbell on the series, and listed on the world, lead the people first to experience the wonderful life of the future!

With wireless video intercom doorbell series and the application of intelligent control system, whether micro-cold spring and autumn, hot summer, cold winter, or a busy desk, travel on the road or on their way home, we can through a mobile phone, anytime, anywhere to easily monitor a computer wireless doorbell at home, master the visiting guests. The essence of technology products will bring to our lives by leaps of progress! Let us experience tomorrow together! Experience our enjoyable life!

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