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Optional wireless video intercom doorbell a few notes
2011-11-04 09:21:06

With the rapid development of science and technology, global security fields and multi-media communications into a new era, but also because wireless video intercom system, the existing strengths, to be used in many areas of security and communications and consumer electronics are so popular . Wireless video intercom system on the market quality varies, so no experience or lack of experience in the case, how to choose a good wireless video intercom system, a lot of people headaches, now I'll own Some humble opinion out to share with you, hoping to give us some help.

Since it is wireless video intercom system selection considerations, then as we were from the "wireless", "video", "intercom" three terms:

1 Wireless
What is wireless? As the name suggests is no line, no fixity, suitable for mobile, flexible and easy to use, so here we should note that during the move will have a few problems. First, we can move to an effective distance of how far open? Open area away from traditional analog signals in the 100 meters, the application can now 2.4G to a distance of 400 m and beyond, more on the market today do 100-200 meters, and electronic design and development of Hung Siu 2.4G wireless solution Some effective distance can reach 400 meters, pay special attention to this point, because it's open to influence from the barrier directly in front of signal penetration and stability. Secondly, we must pay attention to the wireless transmission of immunity to? Now technology is well developed, many things are wireless transmission, Bluetooth ah ah, what wireless card is the same or even wireless products, so if you touched each use, will be what degree of interference must understand the current market, the better wireless video intercom system can be adaptive frequency hopping, code pattern of million set of codes, anti-interference ability is strong, but there are some some good impression of the wireless video intercom system development company so that we get bad lot, We must pay attention to the choice carefully distinguished. Wireless is the most important thing is these two points, there are other details we can to differentiate according to their requirements and choice.

(2) visual
Better visual understanding, the main effect refers to the clarity of the image, the image is the number of pixels? Quality How? Have night vision? Etc.

3 Intercom
 Voice intercom refers to the problem, here in particular the attention the following points. First of all, what kind of intercom mode? Is a full duplex intercom, half-duplex or simplex? To achieve full-duplex intercom intercom with the free exchange between the two simultaneously, as we usually call it the same, talk the same time also be able to hear each other's voices. Half-duplex intercom between two points of information can be sent in both directions, but not to send work, give a simple example, a narrow road, while only a car through, when there are the amount of car two off, this case can only be a first too, until after the head to open another one, this example illustrates the half-duplex on the image of the principle, half of the defect is obvious, in the noisy environment is likely to only hear the noise, rainy day listening to the rain sound, as technology advances, half will gradually fade into history. Simplex is as old-fashioned radio intercom, the information in a single direction between two points only to send the work, a finish another said. Everyone in the choice of wireless video intercom system, when according to their specific requirements and applicability to choose! Market a lot of playing language games to write a duplex, we must ask is full duplex or half duplex. Second, the intercom voice is clear? Have severe intermittent and delayed?

wireless video intercom doorbell

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